Work (Selected)





   Mission to Lars (digital & 16mm) - Trailer/Intro





   Across The River (multi DSLR) - Trailer




   HEMYCA Autumn/Winter (DSLR)




   Dahlia Fashion 'One Dreamy Day' (5D, 7D)





  Dahlia Fashion 'Spring/Summer 2013' (7D)




    Beatie Wolfe and The Pack 'Never Ever' (Scarlet)




Beatie Wolfe  ' Lied' (F55)



  Internet Forever 'Break Bones' (7D) - Promo Of The Week (Radar)






   Zebedy Rays 'John Esli Davis' (EX CAM)





   Dry The River 'Bible Belt'  (part of Topman CTRL) - In situ recording/live performance

                                                                                           (multiple DSLR)





Coves 'No Ladder' (part of Topman CTRL) - In situ recording/live performance 

                                                                             (multiple DSLR)




Little Brother (S16mm)-Trailer - Sundance FIlm Festival

                                                          Melbourne International Film Festival





   Seven Days, Day Five (S16mm)





   Park Close (S16mm) extract - Mexico Int' Film Festival Golden Palm Winner

                                                       Los Angeles Film Festival










***ROUTE 301***

Route 301 documents the journey of a Peugeot 301 trough numerous contires and 10,000km! Directed and filmed by Leigh Alner



Principal photography begins Monday 15th Oct in Northumberland



'Never Ever' has now reached 40k+ views on YouTube, and has featured in

Promo News (Monday 20th August 2012).



Directed by Ben Hecking, this great short film is hitting loads of festivals worldwide in the coming months.


***Passport To The Surprise, Pimlico***

My new photography project is underway, focusing on the regulars at my 'London local'



Still going strong, keep an eye out in cinemas near you.







   LeighAlner Director of Photography


   Journey - Toshiba (RED) - Rushes 2011, Winner Toshiba Viral





   Lynx - (Scent of) Victory (S16mm)




   Hellmann's - Hellmann's Makes It (S16mm)





   Yellow Belly End (HD/Rotoscope) - Numerous Festivals and Awards