Production                             Medium                                  Director                                                  Production Company          


  Mission To Lars                    16mm and EX CAM                   William Spicer/James Moore                   Spicer & Moore

  *Worldwide selected distribution


   Piggy (Operator)                     RED MX                                      DOP: James Friend                                 DP Films

   (A cam Dailies)


   Across The River                  Multiple DSLR                            Warren Malone                                       Penguins With Freckles



  Commercial/ Viral

  Production                             Medium                                  Director                                                Production Company


  Peugeot 'Route 301'             NEXFS 700                               Leigh Alner                                            BD Network/Art War Ent


  Redken 'Mr Bingo'               Scarlet                                      Alex&Mike                                              Art War Entertainment


  Dhalia Fashion -                    5D/7D                                        Adam Batchelor                                    The Project Boutique

  One Dreamy Day


  Dhalia Fashion -                    7D                                             Sandra Borszcz                                    The Project Boutique

  Spring/Summer 2013


  Journey – Toshiba               HD                                            Phil Connelly                                          Toshiba/NFTS

  *Toshiba Award Winning Viral 2010

  * Rushes 2011


  How It Works – Toshiba     EXCAM                                     Phil Connelly                                           Toshiba

  Various Episodes


  Tank Girls – Lynx                S16mm                                     Phil Connelly                                            Kodak


  Helmann’s Makes It -         S16mm                                     Ness Whyte                                            Kodak

  Helmann’s Mayonnaise




   Production                           Medium                                 Director                                                Production Company


  Reasons To Be Cheerful    7D/EX3                                   Stuart Harris                                           Slide Ahead Productions



  Short Fiction

  Production                             Medium                              Director                                                  Production Company


  UK Residents Only               Alexa/F55                            Tarun Thind                                              Resource Productions

  Albatross                              RED Scarlet                          Nat Hill                                                      London Particular

  The Final Hour                      GH2 DSLR                             Michal Skorupka                                      Met Film School

  Haze                                        5D MII                                    Declan Wynne                                         Met Film School

  One Year On (Cam op)        Alexa                                    Ben Hecking (dir/DoP)                              Edgewax Films

  The Traveller                         HD Ikonoskop                       Phil Connelly                                             Team 4

  Melancholia                           HDV                                      Shameel Khan                                          Met Film School

  Half Inch Diamond               7D DSLR                                Marta Longs Ferrer                                  Met Film School

  Barista                                    7D DSLR                               Carolina McPhail                                       Met Film School

  Ula                                          7D DSLR                                Adam Collier                                             Met Film School

  Little Brother  (DoP)             S16mm                                  Callum Cooper                                          Royal College of Art

  *Melbourne International Film Festival 2011

  *Sundance Film Festival 2011


  Seven Days (DoP)                 S16mm                                   Sohail Afiat                                              Indie

  One Man Is An Island          S16mm                                   Duncan Bruce                                         Indie

  Oskar                                     S16mm                                   Ralitza Petrova                                       NFTS     

  Knock On Wood                   7DDSLR                                 Tim Partridge                                           Indie

  Losing Morris                      HDV w/35mm lens                Alex Kendall                                            Indie


  Between You And Me          HD                                         Maj-Britt La Cour                                   NFTS

  Door To Door                        DVCAM                                 Ida Akesson

  *Cannes Short Film Corner

  *BFM International Film Festival 2009

  *Best Short Film Festival du Film Panafricain

  *Selection Bangkok Indiefest

  *Selection Strawberry Shorts


  Park Close                             S16mm                                    Maj-Britt La Cour                                   NFTS

  * Los Angeles Film Festival 2009

  *Mexico International Film Festival Golden Palm Winner 2010


  The Uneventful Life             HDV w/35mm                        David Smith                                            Since ’79 Productions

   of Gerrard Giles                  lens adaptor                                                            

  *New York International Film Festival 2010


  Edit                                         EX CAM                                   Ernesto Tapia                                          Met Film School

  Agent X                                 EX CAM                                   Phil Connelly

  One Man’s Hell                    HDV                                         Adam Bachelor

  Key                                         HDV                                         Glen Fulthorpe

  Should Have Gone              S16mm                                      Glen Fulthorpe



  Level Playing Field                HD                                          Mark Owen

  Monsieur Ballon                    DV CAM                                 Jonathan Wallace

  Happy Holidays                      DV CAM                                  Jonathan Wallace

  Brief                                         DV CAM                                 Jonathan Wallace


  Short Documentary

  Production                             Medium                                  Director                                                  Production Company


  Religion                                  S16mm                                    Estephan Wagner                         NFTS

  The Last Trawler                  EX CAM                                Duncan Bruce/Jon Wallace



  Production                             Medium                                  Director                                                  Production Company


  Yellow Belly End                   HD                                             Phil Bacon                                               NFTS

  *RTS Best Student Aanimation 2010

  * Premiers Plans Film Festival, Angers 2010,

  *Finalist  Best Student Film, British Animation Awards 2010,

  *International Trickfilm Festival, Stuttgart, 2010,

  *Aspen Shorts Film Festival 2010,

  *Rio De Janeiro International Short Film Festival, 2009,

  *Best Animation, Filmini International Short Film Festival, 2009,

  * Edinburgh Film Festival 2009,

  * London Film Festival 2009,

  *Selected by The UK Film Council,

  * Theatre Optique Special Jury Prize at the Fresh Film Festival, Karlovy Vary in Prague


  Goodbye Mr. Pink                S16mm                                    Helen Piercy

  (Additional Photography)                      

  End Of The Line                   DSLR                    

  (Additional Photography)


  Music Promo

  Production                             Medium                                  Director                                                  Production Company


  Beatie Wolfe                          Scarlet                                    Phil Connelly                                              P for Production

  'Never Ever'

  *PromoNews (20/08/12)


  Topman CTRL                       5D                                           Kieron Evans                                             Art War Entertainment

   (Various Artists)    


  Zebedy Rays                          EX CAM                                  Phil Connelly                                              Rough Trade 

‘John Esli Davis’


  Internet Forever                    7D DSLR                                Tom Blyth                                                   Indie

  ‘Break Bones’


  Gin Panic                               7D DSLR                                  Christiaan Faberij de Jonge                       Various





  Clients Include:


  UCH Logistics

  Barclays Bank

  Easy Step Flooring


  Labour Party - Ed Miliband 2010/11 Party Leader Campaign
































***ROUTE 301***

Route 301 documents the journey of a Peugeot 301 trough numerous contires and 10,000km! Directed and filmed by Leigh Alner



Principal photography begins Monday 15th Oct in Northumberland



'Never Ever' has now reached 40k+ views on YouTube, and has featured in

Promo News (Monday 20th August 2012).



Directed by Ben Hecking, this great short film is hitting loads of festivals worldwide in the coming months.


***Passport To The Surprise, Pimlico***

My new photography project is underway, focusing on the regulars at my 'London local'



Still going strong, keep an eye out in cinemas near you.



Still going strong, keep an eye out in cinemas near you.






ISeven Days; Day Five


   LeighAlner Director of Photography